Reporting Tips

Reporting Offshore or Out of Cellular Range

The MyFishCount mobile app can be used regardless of whether or not you are within cell phone range. We encourage you to check for updates before heading offshore, however. Anglers can also download the Offline Form to record catch and trip information on paper to later be entered into MyFishCount. But don’t forget to transfer the information you collect on the form to your MyFishCount account!


Tips for Taking Photos

The photos you submit are an important part of the MyFishCount reporting process. However, if you don’t have your phone/camera ready to take a picture and you are releasing the fish, it is better to release the fish quickly. We can use the photos you upload through MyFishCount to estimate the length of fish that are caught and released. So, ideally, the photo should include an object of standard length, such as a soda can, alongside the fish. Here are some tips:

  • Capture the whole fish from snout to tail in the photo.
  • Have the fish on a measuring board or beside something of standard length (soda can, coin, etc.).



Continue to Participate in Current Surveys!

In addition to reporting through the MyFishCount app and web-portal, please continue participating in state-run sampling programs! Remember, this project aims to supplement ongoing state programs and the Marine Recreational Information Program. Click on the links below to learn more about your state’s fishery programs.


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